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July 30, 2015



John Grisham is NOT a Great American novelist ?


I sense a sister smart-ass. The piece seems to be more about Sarah Lyall ridiculing Sanford than an actual book review. She probably wasn't impressed and decided to just get some jollies. First she reminds us of the late night comedian jokes. Then she slyly compares writing about Sanford to writing about a chicken-processing plant, airport sunglass emporium or stoner skate park. She goes on to mention his lame re-gifting and generally has fun describing Sanford as a total dick. No doubt she considers herself more talented and wryly funny than Swaim, and your opinion confirms she's probably right.

Peter G

How old am I? I'm so old I remember when books were properly edited before publication. I gave up on book reviewers a couple of decades after that.

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