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July 30, 2015



Will any of this matter to Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Conservative? Probably not. Even when there's six feet of seawater covering the streets of Spanish-speaking Miami swimmers and Social Security checks fail to arrive most of Red America (Ironic, isn't it?) will push to keep up the fight against Big Gummint. Propaganda campaigns are gearing up against the usual suspects: Planned Parenthood, high taxes, leaving perfectly good bombs undropped, FEMA camps and Hillary Clinton. What are a few potholes compared to those un-American atrocities? If the government can't fund itself the battle is being won. The US of A doesn't just need to be run like a business, it needs to be run BY business. Go Donald. Once everyone who isn't a lazy, mooching minority is rich they won't need any stinkin' roads, they'll just hop in their private jets and fly to the mall.


... and fly to the mall, with no stinkin' big gummint FAA to boss them around!

Anne J

The frustrating part is that even when everything goes to crap, they still get away with blaming "liberals" for all of the problems. Who was the last actual liberal in charge of anything?

Peter G

You thought herding cats was hard. Try herding rats.

Peter G

Hey did you guys see this video of the last debt ceiling debate?:


Instead of opening with a prayer, Congress should use György Ligeti music from the film to set the mood.

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