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July 24, 2015


Anne J

What can you even say anymore?


Anne J probably expresses how we all feel, but we can hope guns will be a "tipping point" issue. It's impossible to imagine a majority of American opinion makers and voters suffering an indefensible legal framework much longer.

Anne J

I agree, Bob. This is just getting to be too much. Two shootings in a week. It's almost like they're getting more frequent.

Anne J

Well I'm already hearing the knives come out for the people who deal with mental illness. Of course the issue of mental health care only comes up when a mass shooting happens. They never pay any nevermind to the hundreds every day who intentionally shoot themselves and only themselves with no intention of hurting anyone else. Nobody cares about them. Yes, I am bitter and angry. I am worried that those of us who have mental illness are going to be the scapegoats and by targeting us, they're going solve the gun problem.


Both as CA governor and US president Reagan began defunding mental health facilities to lower taxes. The result has been that as of 2009 about 25% of the homeless population was mentally ill, compared to 6% of the general population.

The gun lobby wants to focus on mental health to deflect blame from their product. They're not interested in increasing funding for mental health programs. This is politics at its worst.

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