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July 24, 2015



PM -- I can't link to it, but you don't want to miss "the Donald" cover illustration on this week's New Yorker. Perhaps you could figure out a way to capture it. It's, as we say in my family, a claiyysic. Speaking of Trump-glut.


All work and no Trump makes PM a dull boy. All work and no Trump makes PM a dull boy. All work and no Trump makes PM a dull boy. All work and no Trump makes PM a dull boy. All work and no Trump makes PM a dull boy. All work and no Trump makes PM a dull boy. All work and no Trump makes PM a dull boy. All work and no Trump makes PM a dull boy. All work and no Trump makes PM a dull boy. ...


Love that cover. Just the other day I was commenting on a driftglass post and characterized Trump's entry into the race as him cannonballing into the clown car. So the New Yorker almost has it right.


How did Blitt figure out how to undo the Rubic's Cube hair?

Peter G

Why did you not the The RNC spelling of the word respect: F E A R?

Peter G

Btw I have another modest proposal regarding the upcoming first Republican debate. While he lives Chuck Barris would make an excellent host and moderator. And he can supply a very good Gong.

The Raven

One can but hope.


Latebreaking. Via the Twitter. Trump has been endorsed by...Dennis Rodman!

Now I'm ready for my weekend.

David & Son of Duff

It's too early for anyone (well, except our host) to get too excited about the forthcoming election - "many a slip twixt cup and lip" and all that sort of thing - but even so, and quite apart from all the other deeply worrying facets of contemporary America, it seems from 'over here' that a campaign in which the two front-runners for the position of POTUS are a loud-mouthed barker from Barnum & Bailey's circus and an old coot whose socialist notions would reduce America to the level of Greece.

Do get a grip 'over there' or we may have to send the redcoats back!


David, you're factually incorrect. Bernie is something like 40 points behind Hillary in the polls. In the big scheme his only purpose is to legitimize socialism somewhat, and we need him. You probably have no idea how unfettered capitalism, or "the dung of the devil" as the Pope put it, has affected the US. 22% of children live in poverty and with food insecurity in one of the richest countries on the planet.


Do we see jockeying for a VP position?

David & Son of Duff

Bob, there's over a year to go and already the brown smelly stuff is oozing out of every crack in 'Hillbilly's campaign. I doubt she'll get past Christmas!

As for your sob story, sorry and all that, but any time I see news footage from America I always look at the people in the background (because I usually have the sound off) and it is obvious that the problem facing your country (and mine!) is over-eating not under-eating! I have never seen so many grossly fat 'lardies'. And don't talk to me about 'kiddie-winkies' suffering with "food insecurity". I was born in 1939 so the first six years of my life I knew *real* food insecurity! The consequence was that I was raised on probably the healthiest diet any young child could have, not least because there was no sugar and no cream!

And I repeat what I have said on this site before, there is virtually no poverty in America, it is limited to about, I guess, 0.01% of the population. By constantly harping on about 'poverty' you gangbang all meaning from the word. If you want to see poverty try Africa!


This is from an independent organization I'm sure you'll consider leftist, but it's meticulously linked to its sources:

Obesity is *caused* by food insecurity. People tend to over-eat when they can get food and it's almost always cheap, industrial crap that's mostly carbohydrates, unlike the healthier diets we both enjoyed as youngsters.

I take it you've never visited the states. Europeans I've worked with here always ask what's wrong with the food. They're used to being able to buy just about anything in markets and restaurants and have it be satisfying. Food here is just another industrial commodity and is designed to make the most profit. We have an epidemic of teens and preteens with type II diabetes from eating fast food and drinking soda. Our conservatives tried to beat up the First Lady for promoting healthier food. You see it doesn't fit their philosophy that getting money is the highest human endeavor.


I'm guessing it's a shoe-in for Ivanka -- keeping it all in the family. ;)

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