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August 31, 2015


Anne J

I saw the same segment, and it was obvious he was lying and I was also disappointed in Chris Hayes for not pressing the issue. I'd wager he is going to vote against it and his concerns were as phony as his progressivism. He only believes in progressing his own career and is an example of what the left could look forward to if they don't come out against their buffoons like the right never did, and look what is happening to them.

Peter G

I'll take that bet. But only if I can bet Jeb's superpac money. My own money? No effing way. I'd have thought the public exposure of his completely amoral efforts to preferentially extract his money from the Ponzi scheme he got suckered into would nailed his progressive coffin closed but people do really seem to want to have faith in charlatans.


Couldn't agree more, p m. What a miserable petty fraud Grayson is.


As long as Obama's veto lacks the # of votes for an over ride, I hope Grayson does vote against it. It will be the most glaring proof that he's a phony progressive. Many of us Floridians already realize that and pray that out of state progressives quit clamoring for him as our dem senate nominee.

Neon Vincent

The readers of Daily Kos are starting to get that message already. Here's what the elections wrap-up reported on him this morning.

"Here's another sign that Florida's Democratic primary for Senate isn't breaking down across neat ideological lines: Rep. Patrick Murphy just came out in favor of the Iran nuclear deal, while Rep. Alan Grayson continues to poormouth it. Grayson hasn't announced his position yet, and he may well wind up following Murphy, but it's notable the Grayson, who fancies himself the more progressive option, is far more hawkish on Iran.

Grayson's also regularly trashed Murphy as some sort of Wall Street shill, but in a good catch, the Tampa Bay Times reports that three financial industry types (along with Joan Jett!) recently co-hosted a fundraiser for Grayson in New York City. Grayson's campaign responded by saying that anyone who points out stuff like this is deploying "the same bogus attack that Wall Street has used against Elizabeth Warren," but how are Grayson's attacks on Murphy any different?"

In addition to discovering Grayson is something of a hypocrite in addition to being a grandstander, the writers at Daily Kos long ago figured out that Grayson is the worse bet in terms of electoral success. They reported last week that the Republicans are starting to build him up in an effort to get a weaker candidate in the general election.

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