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August 31, 2015


Peter G

Here I will disagree somewhat. If Trump were not present I'd say a good hunk of the field would have had their fifteen minutes of fame and be in the recycling bin by now. Jeb could have been Mitting the remainders sequentially and in a businesslike manner. What you say is true in a sense for people are paying attention to politics sooner than normal I think but Trump is also providing excellent camouflage by drawing all eyes to him. And by saying things so stupid that the other candidates have to really rise to the stupidity to merit attention.

Your argument is strongest on policy and demographics for Trump is drawing them ever farther into the wilderness. I'm just not sure how big a factor policy will be.
As long as the field remains as large and fragmented as it is every single one of these losers, especially Walker, can sustain the hope that some miracle can happen. Can we not all thank Trump for that? I believe we can.

Peter G

It occurs to me now that I misread your piece. Oh yeah as far as grit goes they are looking mighty timid. In this part of the game they are playing against Trump. And every one on the deep Republican bench is begging the coach to put someone else in. Anyone but them. So you're right. I think I raised valid points but they did not answer yours. Sorry about that PM.


You've identified a truth that must be going through a lot of non-neocon minds.

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