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August 04, 2015



A nuanced reading (not that he was making this point) of Cohen suggests that it's juvenile to think that Americans (social and political juveniles) could actually come around to the notion of liberté, égalité & fraternité.

We prefer the rugged individualist delusion (IGMFY), thank you very much.

Peter G

How is it that just about everybody is overlooking the real reason Biden won't and probably shouldn't run. He consistently loses in match up polls with potential Republican opponents. And Hillary doesn't.

P.M. Carpenter

Quinnipiac: Biden beats Bush 43-42. Bush beats Clinton 42-41.


Quinnipiac: enough said...

P.M. Carpenter

Peter G. sort of asked, and he got an answer. (And this is why I don't normally insert commentary here. Why bother?)

Peter G

Fair enough. I stand corrected but within the margin of error it's a wash. And it is an exceptional result. But that same poll shows Biden match ups in swing states losing bigger than Clinton. And those results exceed the margin of polling error. I am trying to figure out who Biden's constituency is and why Bernie isn't better suited to grab it. Those who would remind us (righteously so) how bad Hillary's campaign was in 2008 should remember, Biden's was worse.


Gosh, I bow before Richard Cohen's omniscience. Not only am I immature, but I make no distinction between wars for colonial booty and humanitarian interventions. Could Cohen always categorize the two exactly? There's no fool like an old fool.

Anne J

Joe Biden has always been my first choice, but if he doesn't run, or doesn't succeed if he does, I can put aside falling in love with him for falling in line with Hillary Clinton. What bothers me is the ageist commentary over him, over Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton. How old they are now, how old they will be when they leave office. Does it matter when tomorrow is promised to no one? Just ask William Henry Harrison


You know, pm, Cohen sounds an awful lot like Andrew Sullivan here: Richard Dawkins needs to grow up, the lefties (and Socialists) need to stop being so naive, etc

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