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August 31, 2015



Not to mention the destruction of millions of emails on a PRIVATE server to avoid scrutiny of the illegal and egregious U.S. Attorney scandal.

Oh, wait, I stand corrected. This wasn't sloppy or unprofessional. It was calculated and carefully orchestrated. Throw that on the pile of subterfuge of American law and credibility that the U.S. of A. never held Bush/Cheney accountable for.


At this point Cheney is more an ugly reminder than anything else, and is giving him airtime much worse than the moment-to-moment, wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling coverage of Clown Prince Donald? Cheney's crimes are real and horrific, but the implied subject here is standards of TV "news," which has been aggressively lowering discourse for at least 25 years now.


There are two public figures who prove by their very continuing existence and relevance as such that the media is an irredeemable farce: Bloody Bill WRONG Kristol, and Dick f'n Cheney.

In a sane universe, Dick would be in a padded cell in the Hague, and Kristol would only be allowed in front of cameras to be tarred and feathered or subjected to an unsparingly blunt "roast" by people like Stewart and Colbert.

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