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August 29, 2015



Corny exclamation! I *do* want to die in a socialist, progressive, Godless America. There's no accounting for taste.

Peter G

Can you form a voting majority out of people who only hear one or two of the things they've been saying around the kitchen table and tune out all the shit they don't like. Evidently they can and so the most unlikely of alliances seems to be in the offing. Are there stranger bedfellows than Trump and Cruz? Yet they seem to be about start campaigning together despite the fact that Trump must offend every penny pinching social program destroying fiber of Ted's sole. And that wasn't autocorrect or a spelling error. Cruz doesn't have a soul. Ted has been very careful not to offend Trump. The prevailing theory is that he hopes to inherit Trump's tribe once Trump implodes. But I fear this leaves poor Erick Erickson in a very awkward position. I can only suppose his next piece will attempt to explain that Ted is really trying to get close enough to Trump to assassinate him. Even more awkward will be explaining to the troops at Redstate, where Cruz is the favorite son and Trump less than admired exactly what that man of adamant principle, Ted Cruz is doing with the lumpen Trump.

Jon Ponder

Trump is, in fact, just two Kevin Bacon degrees from McCarthy. His mentor was Roy Cohn, legal counsel to McCarthy on the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations in the 50s. Twenty years later Cohn took young Trump, the real-estate heir, under wing and introduced him to "Fat Tony" Salerno, Paul Castellano and others of their ilk, who helped Trump expand his real estate empire (Trump Tower was built with concrete supplied by a company owned by Salerno and Castellano) and set himself up in gambling in Atlantic City.

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