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August 27, 2015



It's going to be a long year for Poor George. He's seeming more at a loss for anything to say every week and is starting to collapse into self-parody. He writes: "It is perhaps quixotic to try to distract Trump’s supporters with facts, which their leader, who is no stickler for dignity, considers beneath him." This would then be in contrast to George W. Bush, Mitt Romney or the entire Republican establishment in general? He also resorts to mocking Obama by comparing his over-use of the first-person singular pronoun to Trump's with no mention of the latter's self referencing in the third person, which is a bit more associated with self-aggrandizement and neutralizes the critique.

George also spends a lot of words and statistics on worry over diminishing relative numbers of white people. One might suspect some sort of obsession. But no, George is too sophisticated for that and must be baiting his readers, right? Hmmmm. The rest is a crock of right wing boilerplate about the horrors of democracy. He does deserve credit for his ability to squeeze out something clever from the depths of despair though; rhyming "Trumpkins" with "bumpkins." Wish I'd thought of that.

Peter G

Bang on but worse still is that these numbskulls have been promising to tame the Ogre Obama if they but could have majorities in House and Senate. One has but to stroll around the various right wing sites, Redstate being my favorite heart monitor for its unintentional humor, to see just how much they love their Republican leadership. You set out to prove how weak and ineffectual government is and boys you proved your case to Republicans


"George also spends a lot of words and statistics on worry over diminishing relative numbers of white people."

They could promote some more "non-white" people to "white", like they did with the Irish and Italians.

I'm only half kidding.


I suppose Rush could declare that Mexicans are actually Spanish. After all, that's what most speak. FNC could join in if they get their credibility back.

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