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August 05, 2015


Anne J

And if the deal does go down and we're looking at war in a couple more years, who do you think is going to get the blame? Certainly not the same people trying to kill it now.


Likely the nuclear test ban treaty of 1963 went through the Senate 4-to-1 because a nuclear exchange with the USSR was a real existential threat. In contrast Iran getting a bomb is, for the most part, a political issue useful as an advertisement for being tough on foreigners, as sure-fire a winner as being tough on crime once was. PR techniques always work on emotions and their successful use in government has increased exponentially since the US became the "only surviving superpower" and more organized and maintained as a corporation. Bush II's head of Faith-Based Initiatives John DeIulio protested in 2001, "everything is run through the political office," and we're still painfully aware of where that led. We can only hope that somewhere behind the curtain are serious people mulling serious issues, but the politicians getting all the attention are Marxists:

Peter G

Smart is relative. Sure everything you said is true but Rep. Deutch has more pressing needs and that is to get reelected. As a presumably informed member of the House foreign affairs subcommittee he doubtless knows what I know. And I know that while this is a good deal that will discourage regional proliferation the consequences of Iran getting a nuclear weapon are exactly the same as they have been anywhere else. It won't mean a thing. The Iranians will have a weapon that will virtually assure their complete annihilation should they ever use it. But, and this is the important part, killing this deal eliminates oversight of Iranian nuclear facilities which provides an excellent excuse for a military assault whenever it is convenient whether or not the Iranians actually proceed with a weapon they know they cannot really use. You don't really have that many arch foes left in the world that you can afford to lose one to peaceful diplomacy.

The Iranians are in an enviable position. Deal or no deal the sanctions are going away. The hardliners in Iran can hope for nothing better than some sort of military assault on Iranian nuclear facilities for that will cement their authority for another generation. And it won't make but a minor difference in weapons development should the Iranians elect to proceed down that path. Not much in the way of downsides for the Iranians.

The Raven

'twas ever thus.

The stupid! It burns!


What do these chowder heads think the other signatories will do if we kill this deal? Do they expect the other countries to just blindly follow their lead?

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