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August 01, 2015



In an even lovelier twist, Trump may be be more applauded than doomed by history.

Or history may treat him as what happens on soon to be cancelled new TV show as the writers get rid of an annoying supporting actor. Only to be remembered by the fans of the show.

We're only in the previews of this play.

Peter G

I'll be damned Trump is Popeye. It explains so much. His campaign is essentially the lyrics to the Popeye theme.

Anne J

"I yam what I yam"

Peter, I know this may be off topic but you are the one I wanted to ask: Please forgive me if I've already asked this before, but you have said that Citizens United created the over crowded republican field we have now. How come the same is not true on the Democratic side?


The existentialist phrase put in Popeye's mouth by Max Fleischer, "I am what I am," is funny because Popeye is a cartoon character who absurdly considers his own existence. Trump, however, is a man of flesh, bone and possibly hair, not to mention lawyers and money. Maybe he's like the tragic character Hamlet and considers the important question "to be or not to be." Suffering the slings and arrows of pundits, news outlets, the other Republican candidates, the RNC, television producers, the Kochs, people with three-digit IQ's and so on, he might now see his candidacy as a fight for more than life but for his very brand. The Republicans have a cunning man-ape both cornered and by the ears, and the show must go on. Thursday's debate promises high comedy for both the boxes and gallery. Break a leg and while you're at it take care not to get your faces bitten off, Republicans.

Peter G

Btw I read Trump as a Shakespearean fool who is clearly playing to the groundlings.

Peter G

There is no a priori reason this could not happen and to some extent Clinton is getting funding from the moneyed classes. But the sort of egos predisposed to meddle in politics to this degree are exactly the sort of people whose faith in their own inherent superiority is fed by right wing ideology. I would go so far as to say right wing ideology is tailored to feed those very egos. And they are getting exactly what they deserve in consequence. None of this precludes the arrival on the left of another Roosevelt but I note that Roosevelt had a patrician sense of duty that is found almost exclusively in old money. Even the elder Bush had a trace of this in his political biography.

Gary on the Left Coast

I still vacillate between PM's take and the HuffPo's take on how to cover the Donald and continue to doubt whether such a well authored commentary as this one is justified by the absurdity of the subject. Zero chance the Donald will be elected, so I guess having fun at his expense is no harm.

That said, the denouement of this post is right on: exposing the vacuity and lack of seriousness among a large proportion of this sad, sad electorate.

Beautifully stated, as ever, PM... Thanks.


Team Jeb! never dreamed their Trump Summer Offensive would work so well.

Now, if Christie, Rubio, Graham, and Carly can be anywhere near as effective in the roles on T-J!, the voters should get the 2016 Hillary-Jeb cage match that everyone wants.

Simon Bett

it really depends on the perceptions of the people and how they like him/dislike him. but in truth, he is a national and international leader

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