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August 02, 2015


He's always been my first choice ever since at least 2012. People see him as some kind of gaffe prone buffoon, but if you pay attention, and it doesn't take much, you will see a politician who knows the issues inside outside upside down and backwards. He speaks in a way that you know he genuinely cares about what ordinary people experience, and his extensive knowledge of the economy backs it up. Remember the Vice Presidential debate of 2012? He absolutely destroyed Paul Ryan especially on the Medicare argument which was supposed to be Paul Ryan's greatest strength. My only concern is if he can overcome his public image, which I don't think is a fair one. Perhaps if he did run and gave a few speeches, which by the way are well worth listening to, then maybe he could have a pretty decent chance.

The odds may always shift that much is true. And I, currently in the Clinton camp, see no reason to change my position. Phony gaffes should not count against Biden. He is a fundamentally decent man. But neither should phony scandals count against Clinton. And I don't believe they will. On the contrary they will act as a shield against further hurlings of crap. If the Clinton campaign looks familiar there is a very good reason for that. Same shit thrown , different day. Except, of course, that the Clinton campaign is looking very sure footed and well run. Clinton isn't the one who, like Bernie Sanders, has caught their tit in the wringer on immigration reform or managed to alienate the BLM movement or lost the endorsement of the NEA. I'm just not seeng any possible alternative to the Clinton juggernaut, nor any reason to suppose, barring an unforeseen Clinton meltdown, to yearn for a messy and unproductive primary battle. And as an appeal to authority I will cite the current president. He is right once again.

I don't trust the New York times when it comes to anything at all that touches on the Clintons, or anything at all written by the worthless Maureen Dowd

Joe Biden cannot win the presidency, and I really hope he doesn't run. He fared poorly in 1988, and just as poorly (if not more so) in 2008. He's a great vice president, and that's what he's well suited for. I really hope he doesn't get into the race. It's not the way he should be remembered.

I gain the impression, no more, that if you invited 'good ol'Joe' to jump into an Olympic-size pool - he'd miss!

There's no reason for much concern yet. Whichever Democrat ends up as nominee won't be running against their own record, they'll be running against the Republican's. Every one of their kennel of candidates has negatives too, all of them more potentially damaging than Hillary's.

Maureen Dowd was fun to read until after 9-11. Not that anyone could blame her, but she lost her wits and has never really gotten them back.

MoDo wasn't fun to read in Year 2000 when she unrelentingly savaged Al Gore. How did that work out? She is more than merely emblematic of the sad decline of a once great op-ed page; she is poison.

I agree. I expect that once the Republican field has finished slamming each other theft will get around to going after Hillary. This will not be for the faint of heart. And as I confidently predicted many months ago, more money will be spent slamming Clinton than has been spent attacking any human being in the history of the world. Even adjusted for inflation. It would be spent on whoever the Democrativ candidate will be but that will almost surely be Hillary. This money will influence almost no one. Nor will Dowd or any of the host of pundits have much affect.

Can any of you 'grey beards' here tell me what the difference is between a Democrat and a Socialist? I only ask because the chairman of the Democratic party, Ms. Debbie 'Wassupman' Schultz was asked the question by two separate TV interviewers and was unable to answer.

Well David it exactly like the difference between a conservative and a serial killer, a matter only of degree.

Oh dear, is that what passes for wit in Canada?

Don't ask questions if you find the truth painful. Unless, of course, that is your thing and I have the very strong suspicion based on your previous comments that it is.

Well, that has answered one of my questions, it obviously *is* what passes for wit in Canada!

I'm glad to have been of assistance.

I enjoy smartassery even more than the great wisdom of agreeing with my own opinions. Dowd was funny once upon a time. It's not like I ever read her column to learn anything and probably haven't read it since 2002. I doubt she had any effect whatsoever on the 2000 presidential outcome.

The R's are already near saturation in Hillary hatred. They might do better just buying votes. Whose going to catch them, the FEC? That august group couldn't find their asses with all their hands.

Socialists represent a political philosophy. Democrats represent doing whatever it takes to win, rather like your Conservative Party.

Who's. Jeez I hate when I do something like that.

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