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August 26, 2015


Peter G

Wise choice of study I'd say. For there will never be a paucity of material to work with. Exobiology would be the field to enter if you were interested in generating bullshit rather than studying the real thing.

Peter G

I's a shame by the way that Megan didn't ask why the bipartisan agreement Cruz asserts exists didn't result in legislation already. Consistency may be the hobgoblin of little minds, and lord knows Cruz speaks to little minds, but might they possibly notice that within a minute Cruz went from bipartisan agreement exists to it's all Obama's and by extension, the Democrats fault?

Also btw Trumps next choice of target should it be required will be this odious little squirmer.


I find Megyn Kelly frustrating. She can demonstrate an iron-willed and admirable intolerance for being bullshitted, as she does here. She demonstrates on occasion that she still has a toehold in reality and isn't entirely subsumed by the conservative alternate reality bubble. I think she's genuinely well-suited for her job and sharper and quicker on her feet than many of her colleagues and competitors, regardless of age or gender.

But for all the praise and attention she gets for those traits, she still spends 95% of her time being a younger, prettier face for delivering the same putrid Fox News BS and propaganda and does so with the same conviction as she does when she's actually being a journalist.

As for Tailgunner Ted, I noted earlier that Scott Walker combines the pleasantness of a used car salesman with the charisma of a tired accountant. Ted Cruz is smarmy used car salesman all the way. He has more of a flair for speaking and general hucksterism, but he's just so, so, so, SO offputting. The insistent, nasal voice, the weird, bemused smirk on his face...he just oozes sleaze.

Peter G

He really really needs to ditch the Brylcream. That being said, Megyn Kelly is no idiot and she does know who pays the bills. If asking the Donald tough questions causes dissension in the Fox viewer ranks then asking all the candidates similar questions draws the sting of unfairness or bias. And it's really fun to watch.


Yeah, I mean I understand why she spends most of her time delivering the company/party line. I guess I just wonder what she'd be like if she was at another outlet and how ideological she would be if she wasn't at Fox. I'd like to see her pugilistic talents at work in a less or non-ideological setting.


"Ted Cruz is smarmy used car salesman all the way. He has more of a flair for speaking and general hucksterism, but he's just so, so, so, SO offputting." Sort of like a bastard child of Ted Baxter and Herb Tarlek, n'est pas?


Ha ha ha PG !! Haven't heard of that product in a long, long, time...Brylcreem...thanks for the luff !


Ted puts off a lot of people:

No one could teach him to be a better creep.

Anne J

Well Ted Cruz has always been a creep on a mission that is for sure. A mission to upend the U.S. government the way my siblings and I would upend a Monopoly board if the game wasn't going our way. His voice is AWFUL, his smirk is maddening, and he always has this attitude like he's going to come into your life and screw it up whether you want him there or not, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.


I agree, Turgidson. It is refreshing to see a journalist insist on the question being answered and call the candidate out when he/she's not answering. Wish she would go to another outlet where she could be relatively unshackled from ideology.

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