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August 31, 2015



For Trump to be emasculating Jeb would presume he was ever "masculated." Schmidt claims Bush was a "thoughtful man," but as governor of Florida he cut state employees, cut taxes mostly for the rich, stopped affirmative action at state universities, capped remuneration for medical liability suits, pushed and signed a bill to keep Terri Schiavo on life support, tried to get court protection for the fetus of a raped mentally disabled woman and gave the NRA Florida's stand-your-ground law. If pandering to corporate and social conservatives is the measure, he was a *great* success. Too bad for him about that "act of love" gaffe and having an unpopular brother.

Peter G

All that and he's still the Rodney Dangerfield of the Republican party. The social conservatives despise him because he is the establishment candidate. The only establishment candidate truth be told and the only one they would trust to hold the reins of power. I don't think Jeb honestly gives a flying fuck about the opinion of anybody outside of the establishment. Without the backing of the establishment no GOP candidate can win the nomination. They've got a bit of a Mexican standoff going on.

As Republicans go I like Steve Schmidt, he's less given to perfectly transparent horseshit than your standard right wing pundit. But he is the man who urged John McCain to look decisive, suspend his campaign and head back to Washington so he could watch the Democrats fix the national meltdown. His advice here is probably theoretically sound. All anyone has to do is figure out how to put it into practice.


Jeb *doesn't* give a flying fuck about anything outside the Republican establishment and expects them to save him from the zombie apocalypse they created. He's a chip off the old block that fell in line behind "voodoo economics."

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