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August 21, 2015


Anne J

What's Karl Rove been up to these days?

Anne J

Looking at Jeb, I think his big brother W. must have picked on him mercilessly when they were kids.


What more evidence does anyone need that Trump is a member of Team Jeb!?

Mike Murphy, Chief of Jeb's SuperPAC:

"...“Trump is, frankly, other people’s problem. We’d be happy to have a two-way race with Trump in the end, and we have every confidence that Governor Bush would beat him.”

Do these bloggers and journalists need to have poor old G.H.W. Bush draw pictures to explain to them what is going on? Do none of these rubes know anything about politics?

Jeb, Carly, Trump, Rubio, Christie, Graham. Each has a role. Jeb's is to wear the crown.

Peter G

I think this may be one of those issues on which one may honestly disagree. The WAPO analysis is pretty solid. Whoever attempts to take down Trump becomes Trump's primary target and will sacrifice Trump's support even if they succeed. But I do agree with you that he has to do something besides getting his ass whipped. Nobody elects a president who is easily bullied into either silence or (irony of ironies) political correctness. How exactly do you say and not say anchor babies in the space of a minute?

A curious historical fact that may be of interest. You would not believe how many Americans born in the fifties and sixties have Canadian birth certificates. At that time it was much cheaper to give birth in Canada and many American parents on the border elected to do so. We too have birthright citizenship and so such children had dual citizenship until such time as they reached the age of majority and had to elect one or the other. Your northern border was a very transparent thing once upon a time.


It will be funny if he does to JEB! what he did to Mccain.

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