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August 28, 2015


Peter G

File this under I shit you not. We must all be political babes in the woods when it comes to understanding politics. I would let Erickson himself explain but here's the gist. Boehner is intentionally helping Cruz by calling him names. The man elected by the majority of the House republicans is so despised by his party that attacking Cruz signals his preference for Cruz. In doing so he is refocusing the attention of conservatives away from Trump to generate a surge towards Cruz. The theory is that Boehner knows he is so universally despised within his party that attacks on Cruz will help Cruz.

Now personally I find the logic a little suspect but I'm willing to play along and help. I would suggest Boehner hasten the surge by calling Cruz a puffed up bloviating nincompoop. And accelerate it still further by proceeding to call him an oleaginous back stabbing needle dicked bug fucker. Provided children are not present. Help all you can John for Erick assures us your negative endorsements of Ted Cruz is the only way to stop Trump and thus the destruction of the party he Erick, so despises. Well most of it anyway.


To which I respond to Boehner, "thanks, Captain Obvious."

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