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August 30, 2015


Robert Swartz

Jeb! is well on his way to being the Ed Muskie of 2016 - and in his own way, The Donald is on his way to being the George McGovern. Remember that McGovern, helped by the kind of winner take all primaries no longer practiced by the Democrats, but still in the GOP playbook, only secured about 30% of the primary vote, but won the nomination.

We can only hope.

Peter G

I'll bet that doesn't happen. I don't think he will drop out. The unanticipated Trump phenomena notwithstanding Bush knew as did all his people that this is a long long game. He might get shoved out eventually but not soon. The question I had before stands. What could Bush spend or get his Superpac friends to buy that could dent the billionaire Trump. If anyone can think of anything by way of an ad buy or anything else I'm keen to know what it might be. I'm afraid Jeb is just going to have to get used to the hair shirt. To be honest I think his wisest move at this point would be to just disappear for a while and let Trump bully some other target of opportunity.

I defy anyone to say they could have predicted this situation: that the leading Republican billionaire presidential candidate is thriving on essentially free publicity while accumulated millions sit in war chests unusable for all intents and purposes. Your question about superpacs has been much on my mind. They are not only not directly under the candidates control as mandated by risible law, they seem to be controlled by the donors themselves and what they will do with it if and when the candidates they ostensibly support blow up is one of the most interesting questions in this election cycle. I do not think it will become a tontine at the disposal of the winner. I think it will be the funding source for Republican civil war.


"I do not think it will become a tontine at the disposal of the winner. I think it will be the funding source for Republican civil war."

Well put.

David & Son of Duff

Off topic, I know and I apologise, but has President Obama visited the family of Sheriff Darren Goforth yet? Perhaps I missed it because normally when some lunatic, racist, white man shoots dead a black man he's there in a flash to hold the hand of the widow but - oh, wait, sorry, sorry, my mistake, sorry ...

The Dark Avenger

If Obama were to comment or visit every family of a cop who was shot in the line of duty or otherwise targeted because of their profession, he would have barely enough time to be President,

If Obama was to comment or visit every family where their loved one was unarmed and killed by a cop, he would have time to do little else but that.

Hope this helps!

David & Son of Duff

Yeah, right!

Peter G

Feeling a little white butt hurt David? There's always more merlot.

The Dark Avenger

I'll keep his retort for use whenever he comments with copypasta of an NRO screed without attribution, as he's been known to do around here.

Peter G

He may have discovered something no one else knew existed judging by his comments on a previous thread. Apparently there is a kind of monetary inflation that causes stock prices to rise without affecting bond yields. Or the price of milk. Or anything else. Now we have out freshwater economic school, that would be the Chicago tribe, whose theories on containing irrational exuberance were nicely discredited starting in 2008. And of course, we have our saltwater school, what David would call lefty liberals, who were ironically, completely right. But now we have a new school which I propose we call the Merlot school which is both counter intuitive AND counter factual. Their motto: Iustus vos exspecto quod animadverto which roughly translated means "Just you wait and see!"

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