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August 29, 2015


Should Trump pull off the unexpected and actually win not only the GOP nomination but the Presidency as well, will he turn out to be any more utterly malignant to American society than Obama has proved to be?

Jest askin'!


Maybe, Bob, but only just!

The horrors of the Obama administration are manifest. Longest sustained job and economic growth since oh practically forever. Highest stock prices ever. Millions of citizens who didn't have health care now do. Hardly any new asinine and pointless wars. The list is practically endless.

I believe there's a candidate you could support 100% unless Boris has already caught him:

Don't forget forcing people to get gay-married in all 50 States, and the lower unemployment rate to boot.

Yes indeed, Peter, and as stock prices rise on a bubble inflated by printing money and as government debt grows like Topsy, in most of the great cities of America the situation is fast approaching civil war between whites and blacks.

The one single item that was expected of the first black POTUS was that he should diffuse racial tensions. Big fail! Anyway, he doesn't care, he can't wait to get himself off to Hawaii because he despises mainland America and everything it used to stand for.

Civil War, Duff? You are very credulous when it comes to RW propaganda about things on this side of the pond. You expect "rivers of blood", then?

Oh, 'there will be blood', that's for sure and a lot more than the occasional massacres to date have produced.

This is a mind on Thatcherism.

Any questions?

Stock prices inflated by printing money? Say shouldn't that have caused the rampant and uncontrollable inflation that you guys have been predicting for, well, ever. And since that inflation didn't happen while stock prices rose doesn't that mean you are more than usually full of shit? Why I do believe it does.

So you're not too up on economics either, Peter. The printed money was for the benefit of the banks and their investors who promptly started buying stocks and shares and bonds. Result - share prices et al have rocketed for no other reason than there is more money sloshing around. There will be an almighty correction - and then 'there will be blood'!

And, DA, every night I dream of 'that woman' - glorious!

Glad to see you have a natural substitute for Viagra, David.

As for the so-called printing presses devaluing the price of stocks, well, whatta know, you're wrong again, as usual.

Despite these scary possibilities, though, neither Ablin nor Johnson think such massive declines are the most likely outcomes. Ablin points out the market has raced ahead faster than the economy - so it's been overdue to see the market's valuation come down. "The market has tripled from the bottom, but the economy has not tripled," Ablin says. Corporate balance sheets are still strong, which offers stability, and profit margins are high so its unlikely investors will be demanding such steep discounts on stocks as they have in during other periods of market duress, he says. "You have to re tether the financial markets closer to reality," he says.

Your analysis is of the same quality as certainbrand of beer that seemed to have been named after you. From the Wiki:

"Can't get enough of that wonderful Duff!"

I'm not up too much on economics? I'm not the dummy who thinks there is a special kind of monetary inflation that only affects stocks and nothing else. How are bond yields doing David? You'd have to be an idiot to believe there is such a thing.

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