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August 28, 2015


That's what I'm afraid of as well. What good is a democrat in the white house if most of the congress is still made up of a bunch of rabid right wingers?

What good? Oh, come on. One word: veto.

I agree. Imagine if the Kochs come to their senses and dump their boy Walker, and spend all their allotted loot down ticket?

Only very very afraid? You are made of sterner stuff than I for just thinking about having the policies daily spewed on the campaign trail and in the halls of congress makes me physically nauseous. So I try to think happier thoughts. Like these: for all the awesome stupidity that the GOP regularly inflicts on their own mob their are absolutely reliant on the Democrats and the president to stop them. And their congressional leadership knows it. Yes you have to raise the debt ceiling and no, you can't shut down the entire government.

It is not only the professional political leadership that knows these things, it is also the entire Republican establishment right down to the very last Koch brother. To be honest I think their worst nightmare would be any Republican president but Jeb Bush. Democratic presidents are damned useful, they are the ones you can blame for the frustration of all these Republican dreams. So useful in fact that you can parlay this bullshit into House and Senate majorities. Which they did. But there lies the problem. They got them.

Where, ask the right wing nut jobs of every stripe, are our gutted unicorns and shattered rainbows. The Yahoos have started to notice that they've been suckered. At Redstate is an article of faith that Republicans generally suck. For they are conservatives first and they despise the GOP establishment with a fury that is altogether delightful to read. Now the gist is this. If the yokels were to dominate the Republican party their belief is that the establishment and business interests would be forced to fall into line and swallow the crap they've been feeding the yokels for low these many years. No, They. Won't. Those poeple, like governments , do not have allies, they have interests. When and if the GOP stops being the vehicle to advance those interests they will leave.

Unfortunately, as long as there is a Democrat or a non-white person left alive on planet Earth (and perhaps for a century or two beyond), the remnants of the GOP will go on blaming said Democrat or non-white person for everything that's wrong.

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