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September 30, 2015


Anne J

I saw some of it yesterday, and it looked like she wanted so bad to tell them what she really thought of them, but kept her extremely professional demeanor and made herself, without much effort look like the only adult in the room, besides the democrats. And the dickhead chairman was just as bad with them, telling Elijah Cummings (Elijah Cummings!) that he would yield him a "generous seven minutes" while the congressman as gently as possible reminded him it was eight minutes. The republicans did all the talking, answered all her questions for her,and made themselves look like the worthless douche bags they are. It wasn't a hearing. It was a hanging.

Peter G

I could barely stand the....highlights? The whole exercise was a shining example of how Republicans publicly abuse women without leaving physical evidence that might get them charged.


Government works OK. It's the Republican Party that's dysfunctional.

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