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September 29, 2015


Daniel Loftus

What if we want nothing at all to do with PayPal?

P.M. Carpenter

Email me. Or, send a check to your favorite charity.

Peter G

Tomorrow. Tomorrow. I'll pay you tomorrow. It's only a day awayyyyy! I used my card all over California with no problem. Come home and Visa fraud prevention services decides I need a new chip card. Go figure. It's worth every penny any way you look at it.

Martin Snyder

I value your ideas at about a nickel. I read you five days a week. Thus I dropped 12 bucks in the kitty.

Keep up the good work!

David & Son of Duff

Unlike Martin I value your ideas at about plus or minus zero! Like Martin, I read your articles everyday so how about *you* paying *me* out of your enormous fund?

Still, I enjoyed a good laugh imagining the responses I would receive from my readers over at my place were I to ask for some recompense. Very Anglo-Saxon, is my best description!

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