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September 01, 2015


Peter G

Moody's analysis seems to be based largely on lowered gasoline prices. It ignores the vast amounts of natural gas that is emanating from the Trump field.


I expected Peter G to call you on this, but he apparently hasn't had coffee yet. Moody's admits "Just three states account for the change in margin, ... Ohio, Florida and Colorado ... The margin of victory in each of these important swing states is still solidly within the margin of error though, and will likely swing back and forth in Moody's monthly updates ahead ..."

With that out of the way, the Republican campaign already has advanced gangrene that's spread to all but Rubio and Kasich in the "serious" category and neither of them is an especially strong candidate, at least for now. While there's still a chance events in China or Europe will hurt American markets the economic fundamentals look good, and contrary to what TV newsbots like to repeat, most workers don't have large sums in 401(k)'s and don't personally follow markets. Unless an email turns up revealing Hillary tried to join ISIS or Bernie starts ranting about raising up the lumpenproletariat the Democrats' chances seem better than good.

Peter G

Not so much a lack of coffee as drug induced nausea but I'm back at focusing on that which allows me to ignore it. Doctor Carpenter cannot know how much I appreciate the service he does me in this regard.

Tom Benjamin

"Note: If my incessant predictions of a no-worries presidential campaign seem hubristic..."

They do! They do! I see plenty of reason to be cautiously optimistic, but no reason to be confident. Two reasons to worry:

1) The economy. If it turns south, it's a very different ball game.

2) The Democrats. Does anyone doubt their ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

The last thing the left needs is confidence. Repeat after me:

"It's gonna be really, really close. Get out there and work for the good guys. Work harder! Every vote counts!"

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