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September 30, 2015


Marc McKenzie

Why don't we just wait for proof of this "meeting"? No pictures, no confirmation from the Vatican (just "unnamed sources"), just what her lawyer said to the NY Times--and here we are ready with the moans and groans about how the Pope "doesn't get it".

And you know what? Even if he met with Kim Davis, does this instantly negate everything positive about Pope Francis' trip to the US? His speech to Congress, his visit to the prison in Pennsylvania--all of these things (which were covered by the media) should be chucked out the window all because of a claim by Kim Davis' lawyer without any concrete proof to back it up?

Let's wait and see, shall we? Let's ask for (or demand) actual proof confirming this before unleashing the hounds.

Just my 2-cents.

Peter G

I think it is the other way around. People have a lot to learn about the Catholic church. When Pope Francis first started getting a lot of popular support and admiration I did warn people in the various forums I used to haunt that even if he wanted to Francis would have a great deal of difficulty in altering church dogma. And there is no reason to suspect that he would want to alter those dogmas. There still isn't.

The concept of Papal infallibility when it comes to pronouncements Ex Cathedra means they are pretty much irreversible. I like the guy for he is less confrontational about dogma and speaks to essence of Christianity in charity and forgiveness. But it does not blind me to the fact that institutionally the Catholic church still opposes gay sex and marriage, most birth control, the use of condoms even as prophylactics against disease, abortion for any reason obviously, and the ordination of women. None of which will not change under Francis.

That he met with Davis does not surprise me. That they wanted the fact of this to become known in a timely fashion does not surprise me either. The Pope speaks for conservative Catholics too and there are a lot of them.

Peter G

It negates none of what he said. But then he did not speak to any of the controversial dogmatic issues. And that is entirely consistent with his policy of being less aggressive on hot button moral issues.

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