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September 21, 2015



He might not have mentioned going broke, but in a spasm of convenient selflessness did make the argument that every one else going broke should quit to save the good name of the party. It would have brought a tear to the Gipper's eye.

David & Son of Duff

Pity! But at least he can look back with pride on his record in Wisconsin in which he smashed the political corruption of the public (so-called) service unions and beat the Democratic party monolith, not once, not twice but thrice. Also his friends stood up and won against the vile machinations of the Dem-controlled Justice Department 'apparat' with their Gestapo tactics of raiding peoples' homes at dawn with SWAT squads of police. As vast swathes of America sink into one party corruption that makes them indistinguishable from Venezuela at least Wisconsin shows signs of huge improvement.

Peter G

And with quiet satisfaction he can point to the wall mounted asterisk in commemoration of joining that august group of professional Republican politicians whose polling levels were so marked. Once he can say, pointing at the asterisk, I was part of a team with such a deep bench that nearly all our fans hated us.


Blah blah corrupt public service unions blah Democratic party monolith blah blah Gestapo tactics blah Venezuela. The best thing about Scotty boy is, to our knowledge, he was never fellated by a dead pig like David Cameron.

David & Son of Duff

@ Bob:
Until you have been fellated by a dead pig you have never lived, er, so they tell me! Mind you, the big question is, was it a girlie pig or - SHLOCK HORROR! - a boy pig? You can never be sure with these Old Etonians!

@ Peter:
Or, to put it another way, a decent and honourable man who went before the people three times and won, finally went 'a bridge too far'. In the meantime, you are stuck with 'HillBilly', the well-know vestal virgin!

Peter G

A bridge too far? That might be an apt metaphor for a campaign that didn't quite succeed, a campaign that was a little too ambitious. No this was a campaign that was an epic failure. Why Walker might as well have posted a You-Tube video of himself sticking his dick in a dead pig's mouth. At least he could have counted on some necrophiliac or bestiality votes.

David & Son of Duff

Well done, Peter, right up to your normal level of wit, intelligence, generosity and open-mindedness!

The Dark Avenger

He's hardly some sort of Hayekian hero, David

Despite recent setbacks by federal and state courts alike, Wisconsinites and Americans everywhere remain committed in the fight for greater ballot access.

Enter Gov. Scott Walker. He finally jumped into the Republican presidential nomination contest last month. While some in the Republican Party are promising to reach out to communities their party has struggled to connect with in the past — namely African-Americans, Hispanics and young voters — Walker, in both his words and in the policies he's chosen to trumpet, has chosen the exact opposite approach.

Walker has abandoned the dog whistle. Instead, he has adopted a bullhorn on the stump to tout the most divisive aspects of his record. From his assault on workers' rights to demeaning drug screening for Wisconsinites on public assistance, Walker has made it abundantly clear who his target audience is.

But Walker has reserved his most vicious assault for the most fundamental element of our democratic process: voting rights.

In his presidential announcement speech and in virtually every campaign event to date, Walker brags to conservative audiences that he has signed into law one of the nation's strictest voter ID laws — a measure that disproportionately affects minorities, women, veterans, students and the elderly.

To add insult to injury, Walker is now cashing in on his effort to disenfranchise Wisconsinites via fund-raising emails. Is there a more shameful example of self-promotion?

When asked directly if he could cite the number of documented cases of voter fraud here in the Badger State, Walker admitted, "I don't know the exact number, probably a handful."

So while Walker continues to search for a problem to his so-called solution, here's a figure that we all know for a fact: More of Walker's aides have been criminally indicted than the total number of Wisconsinites who have been convicted of voter impersonation.

Walker says he wants to bring Wisconsin to Washington. But the fact is that he's already brought the divisiveness of Washington to Wisconsin. That divisiveness will be on full display when he joins other GOP candidates in their first debate Thursday night, which is ironically on the anniversary of the Voting Rights Act.

Instead of appealing to the darkest elements of the Republican base, Walker could choose to focus his efforts on improving his disastrous economic record here at home. I'm not holding my breath.

Mandela Barnes, a Democrat, is a state representative from Milwaukee.


If your conservative PM weren't such a coward he'd stick Bobo in a live pig's mouth.

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