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September 23, 2015


Tom Benjamin

Are you suggesting that Hillary Clinton should have immediately turned over her server, and her private emails? Why? What - besides a fishing expedition - is anyone looking for? Spin a story that makes this remotely a scandal.

At worst, you can say that security was somehow lax, and something bad might have happened if someone had hacked her computer. Even if that is true, the security (that was not compromised) was probably no more lax than the security in the State department. So what? How is the story relevant to anything?

This is a story because her name is Hillary Clinton. She could not do anything about it any more than she could do anything about Whitewater or Benghazi. It does raise a valid question about her candidacy. "Can she win if the media continues to pretend that her so called scandals have actual substance?"

PM is wringing his hands over something Hillary can't do anything about. (At least I haven't seen anybody lay out a course of action that can make this go away. If anybody has one, Hillary's campaign would love to hear from you.) Bemoaning this inability - or blaming her for it - doesn't help. It is the Clinton baggage being carried by a corrupt media.

Can she win with the media and the Republicans throwing this bullshit - or some other bullshit - at her for the next 14 months? If the answer is "No" then Joe Biden becomes the Democrat who is most likely to win and my support would go to him.

How much does the baggage weigh? Is it heavier than the positives she brings to the race? Will voters ignore the media narrative about her or not? Does the corporate media have the power to veto her as a candidate?

The "scandals" will dog her right up to election day. Beyond election day if she wins. Accept that as a given. Does that make her too risky? If yes, support Biden and shed a tear for American democracy. If no, support Hillary and dismiss the "scandals" with a wave of the hand.


All excellent points. And I'll believe Biden is a candidate when I see it.

Mark Dittmer

I notice that you mention the SEIU's decision not to endorse a candidate as a setback for Hillary ... Isn't it a setback for Bernie Sanders also? I get that you see Biden as a more-likely alternative than Sanders, but I'm surprised we haven't heard more reaction from you to Sanders' surge in the polls. Certainly he has run an impressive campaign so far ... And what's more, I would think his principles line up pretty well with yours ... Why are you ignoring him? Or is it unfair to say you've been ignoring him?

Mark Dittmer

OH I just had to google search to find my own answer ...

Peter G

When in the history of the Clintons has anything ever gone away? There is no way to make anything Clinton related go away. Any attempt to make anything Clinton related go away would be instantly construed as a cover up. These are the ground rules and this is how you play under those rules: you don't make anything go away. You use it. What are the chances that a server that I could wipe in a hour beyond any hope of anybody including the NSA of finding anything but randomized ones and zeros had recoverable data that wasn't supposed to be recovered? About equal to Scott Walkers chances of becoming president. What are the chances that one of these e-mails will be vaguely construed as treason? Virtually certain. Now what are the chances of anybody not prepared to believe it before hand believing it? About zero again. You don't make Clinton "scandals" go away. You drag them out until it is painfully obvious to everyone that it is nothing but bullshit as usual. How is that Benghazi thing doing btw?
Frankly this particular scandal looks like it was crafted by the Clintons themselves. There's no way it is going anywhere and rivals in the Democratic party use it at their peril. O'Malley gave it a try and where is he? I doubt Biden is foolish enough to try and use it to boast his own fortunes for it is just as likely to blow up in his face as not.

Peter G

Teacher's unions I had expected to endorse Bernie rather than Clinton but then that union is disproportionately female. SEIU would probably fare as well under either Clinton or Sanders. The unions that rely on exports, machinists and aviation, support Clinton for the obvious reason that Bernie is talking through his hat on trade agreements and those unions know it. A trade war kills them. AFL-CIO is also kind of a wash. As I noted yesterday Clinton waited until the question became moot on Keystone XL (wisely) as it enjoyed the support of many unions. Now it is just a free throw.

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