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September 21, 2015


Peter G

In his very popular quote on the subject of known and unknown knowns Donald Rumsfeld covered all the permutations but he failed distinctly when it came to elucidating whether a thing is worth knowing at all. There may indeed be, for me at least, additional unknown factors that would render Carly unsuitable for the office she seeks. But I already feel sufficiently well informed enough to render an opinion. And I am pretty confidant that a sufficient number of people who can vote will share that opinion as to dismiss this potential concern to the worried about being struck by lightening category.


To recap, Fiorina is an extreme conservative, refuses to learn from failure, plays fast and loose with highly misleading metrics, makes irresponsible decisions, is intolerant of dissent and resorts to personal attacks. She really is a female Dick Cheney, who nearly wrecked Halliburton by merging with Dresser Industries. Logically her being a blistering harpy of consistency doesn't preclude her from also being an acutely superior Republican clown. In fact the two things might be inseparable in modern conservatism. Along with being one of the worst business leaders she might also have one of the shortest polling bumps in history.


re: "harpy," unless you would use the same term for a man, then it's sexist.

Not that I disagree with your views about Ms. Fiorina.


How is that sexist?

William Caulfield

At the very least it is sex specific. I would use Gorgon to be even more sexist :)

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