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October 27, 2015


Peter G

Your golf metaphor struck a chord with me but I think perhaps a better golf metaphor exists. Anyone who has been to a driving range has watched while assholes take aim at the poor schmuck driving the ball recovery cart. That's Paul Ryan to a tee-hee on the receiving end. Should this deal be passed as it almost certainly will the Freedom Caucus will lose all their long drivers. All we will have left to look forward to instead of crises is a good hunk of the Republican caucus reminding everyone in front of every camera and microphone they can find just how much the Republican party and its leadership suck. They'll be shrieking in frustration.

Peter G

I cannot say too much about the brilliance with which Speaker Adios has screwed the Freedom caucus by this maneuver and others. A lot of the press is focusing on the effect it will have on Ryan's speakership but that is the least of its effects. How does a small vocal extremest collection of nitwits manage to exert such a disproportionate effect on the Republican membership? Why they use the Grand Loyalty Oath Crusade technique described so beautifully in Catch-22. And to do this you need to administer regular loyalty tests. So you hold votes to repeal Obamacare practically weekly. Well that's a doddle, anyone can sign up for that on the Republican side. But the real power lies in things like raising the debt ceiling. Even if you lose, as you must, it is a stick you can use against your own internal party leadership to stake out a level of purity that others must meet or risk a primary challenge.
The debt ceiling is an issue that can be confusing to people. It has nothing to do with accrued debt or budgets. We all know that it is an almost completely artificial excuse for political grandstanding. And if it disappears for a couple of years the only issue the hard asses will have to use will be the budget or alternatively the necessary CRs. So now Boehner has provided clarity and laid down the gauntlet to the Freedom Caucus. If you want to shut down the government over your petty issues like funding Planned Parenthood its on you. There's a direct pipeline and no mistaking doing the pumpimg. Which ought to quite liberating for the more pragmatic members of the caucus.

Parenthetically I think there is a very good reason that Planned Parenthood is headed for a select committee of investigation. You can't really call for internally divisive votes on such a subject before its even been investigated can you? No you cannot. But there's going to be a helluva fight among the nitwits to see who can get a position on this committee. Boehner may not have been much at herding cats but he really knows how to wrangle rats.


In all humility I must admit to underestimating the malice of the Caucus formerly known as Tea Party. They apparently called Ryan's bluff. How long will it be before they're out shopping for fava beans and a nice Chianti to enjoy with Speaker Messiah's liver; slurp, slurp, slurp? Will Ryan have enough backing to run things the way Speaker Taillights did and tell the 17% popular Tea Cannibals to eat something less appetizing? Drama awaits.

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