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October 29, 2015


Peter G

Of all the things that disturbed me about this truly awful thing that wasn't a debate at all was that Chris Cristie was right about something. Fantasy football? This while we listen to fools talk about whose fantasy economic and taxation policies will cut taxes and lower deficits at the same time. And their supporters still believe this is possible! The word appalled does not begin to cover the sensation I got from listening to this drivel.


Jeb can't be counted out this early. As the saying goes, "Democrats fall in love and Republicans fall in line." It's hard for the left to understand the power of authoritarianism over the right, but it's real. That said it's getting harder to see how Jeb survives. His trying to act like a regular guy with goofy gushing over his fantasy sports team was grossly embarrassing. His shots at Rubio were prepared for and ineffective.

There were no winners. The only thing notable about the so-called debate was how worthless it was. There will be no more time wasted on these Republican half-wit fests until the field is narrowed to at least a third of what it is now, and considering the invasion of the body politic by super PACs that might be never. The inevitable "highlight" clips will do.

Peter G

Jeb was insufficiently prepared for the obvious riposte by Rubio. He should have quoted Rubio's disdain for his own job as senator. Jeb just doesn't have any sort of political instincts. I wouldn't have imagined it was possible six months ago but I think he is toast. I await future fundraising data and polling but I think we may see an establishment shift towards Rubio.


I agree about a shift to Rubio. The only advantage to the GOP would be developing a future candidate, though. He still comes off like a college sophomore. Hillary would crush him in any foreign policy debate.

Peter G

Yea. Right on all counts. Hillary would eat any or all of these clowns for lunch. People forget how good she was and is in debate. She was won her share against Obama and he is no slouch himself in debate. She lost the ground game in securing delegates but not on the debate stage. Btw if you watched this garbage and noted how the main stream media attacks were so frequent and popular generators of applause don't you wonder how this would work on a one on one with Hillary. Or three of the upcoming debates that will be hosted by FOX? That should be interesting.


We already know Trump won't hesitate to attack Fox, and I'll go out on a limb and predict the rest will be on high alert for an opening to do the same in the remaining primary debates. If they try it against Hillary it might cancel out the inevitable, moronic "scandal" questions from the moderators.

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