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October 29, 2015


Facts? I noticed something last night and mentioned it to the wife as being spectacularly wrongheaded or at least ignorant. That was the inspiring message from Huckabee that the way to go about solving America's health care cost problems was to mount a full scale assault on the four largest health problems. First, who is to undertake this assault if it is not government? Secondly what will be the consequences of success if it is not to prolong lives and thus incur massive costs increases in Social Security. The fact is that the longer you live the more it costs to keep you alive. And I hate to say it but smokers should get a tax credit reward for their noble efforts to relieve the government of these costs. Eat more red meat too. And bacon. I'm doing my part.

Gosh, Cruz is right to insist on talking about the substantive issues "the people" care about. These would presumably include how Obamacare is the worst thing since slavery and guns are always good, how we need to deport 11 million immigrants and wall off the country, how we need to drop more bombs just on general principles, how eeee-villll Washington is, and whatever the hell irrelevant idiocy the rest are trying to pander with.

Don't you offset all the bad stuff with Bordeaux or the like, Peter?

My favorite part was Cruz coming out for the gold standard. I suddenly worried that we would once again have a national debate on bimetallism and Free Silver.

How I miss the 1870s.

Well yess. In moderation.

That was awesome. As was Christie's assault on the Social Security Trust Fund. He's right you know. That vault has nothing in it but the world's most desirable financial instruments, US Treasury Bonds. And very high yield bonds at that. There is a very simple cure for these perceived IOUs. They can't be sold on the open market but if the rules were changed and they could be marketed then they would be swiftly replaced with dollars and gold and every other imaginable and acceptable alternative. The world would jump at the chance of owning these securities and would be more than glad to trade other bits of paper, dollars for them. I'd buy as many as I could afford. Right now it's the best IOU in the world.

My wife and I both laughed at that. Maybe Cruz is trying to fill the intellectual gap left by the departure of Ron Paul. Let's see if it shows up in the highlights prepared by our always not frivolous media.

I meant to reply to to William Caulfield.

Moderation in all things including moderation.

Come to think of it I found myself muttering "that's a golden oldie" a lot. Maybe the consultants told everyone that since they only had 30 seconds to make an impression they should say something that sounded as "Republican" as possible, regardless of context.

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