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October 28, 2015


Anne J

What bothered me about that whole nasty exchange was that the pissing contest eclipsed the real issue that was being debated which is gun control. Also, cut a lady at least a little slack. It's no fun trying to get a message across when the listener only wants to hear it in a masculine voice. Too many women, especially in the work place when they try to explain something to a customer or colleague that won't be listened to until her male supervisor tells that person the exact same thing. Maybe if we paid more attention to what was actually being said, instead of the gender and tone of voice of the person speaking, we would get a lot more done. But overall, yes I do agree that her charge of sexism in itself was bs. But it is still a familiar problem to many women, just the same.


Hillary will get a dog named "Checkers" and wear only cloth coats. She will join forces with Ted Cruz to produce a list of known socialists in the State Department. She will reinstate the draft and put tens of thousands of boots on the ground in the Middle East and North Africa. She will order the dropping of bombs onto whatever's the equivalent of the Ho Chi Minh trail in Afghanistan until it's a trench six feet deep, then write a memo admitting it's accomplished "zilch." She'll hire a servant named Manolo to be her only trusted friend and have him bring her cottage cheese with ketchup. She'll order new uniforms for White House Security that make them look like the Swiss Guard. She will be secretly recorded using bigoted epithets. She will order Reince Priebus' master plan for political dominance be stolen by goons and when they're exposed she'll lie to Congress to cover it up. She will then leave office before being impeached while insisting she is not a crook. At that point it will be undeniable that she is the second coming of Nixon.

Tom Benjamin

I thought the attack was brilliant even if Bernie is in fact a feminist. I had not heard Bernie's ridiculous defense of his record on guns before so it was jarring when he declared Hillary was shouting about the issue.

1) He may not have meant it that way, but he did come across as condescending. Just before he spoke, Hillary was "shouting".

2) When I learned Bernie always talks about shouting when the topic of guns come up, I was offended again. I'm supposed to accept the idea that we have no gun control because advocates shout too much? I guess the gun manufacturers are all Mom and Pop operations who would not dream of buying Congress. Do certain corporations get a pass from Bernie?

3) Bernie Sanders is worried about shouting on this issue when his political career is one long shout? Which plutocrats can we shout at and which ones are off limits?

4) Hillary is going to pick up on this sort of thing every time it happens whether Bernie deserves the shot or not. She's counting on women to provide the passion in her campaign. Whenever she can blow that whistle, she is going to do it.

5) It really wasn't a shot at Bernie because Bernie is no threat. She's already pointing at the general. If Bernie was hurt by it, it was collateral damage.


Thank you. My feelings exactly.

Peter G

Such is politics. I think the Sander's campaign is missing the peril. That was the lightest touch compared to what may come. Bernie is vulnerable on a host of issues. Politics is politics and Bernie is trying to establish his credibility on his early progressive postures on things like immigration or gay marriage. Those happen to be untrue. He wasn't anymore progressive than he was a leader for sane gun control laws. Clinton has no voting record from those days but Bernie does. Now one can certainly try to nail Hillary with history from her husband's administration but Bernie has history too. If the Sanders campaign thinks they've been hit and want to go negative in reply just wait until someone comes back at them with the line "I guess women who just don't listen deserve what they get" or some variation thereof. It could get a lot worse than it is now and I think the Clinton campaign just signaled how bad it could get.

Tom Benjamin

I think Sander's biggest vulnerability is Vietnam. Most politicians today avoided Vietnam service in a variety of ways and nobody has paid a price for it. But nobody else was a visible member of the antiwar movement. Nobody else tried to avoid the draft by claiming conscientious objector status.

It is hard to understand today how bitter that fight was back then. We were viciously anti-military and the military was viciously anti-protester. To this day the military believes they lost Vietnam because they were betrayed at home by the likes of Bernie Sanders. We called them babykillers and war criminals. Every Vietnam vet has a story about being spat on by hippies and some of those stories are true.

They called us traitors who were disrespecting the sacrifices being made. We were cheering for American deaths, they said, because every bad result for the American military was good for our side. We derided any sign of progress when 250 American kids were dying every week.

It was all very, very bitter.

Most of the senior Generals today once served in Vietnam. They were in the jungle with friends dying in droves around them and Bernie Sanders was avoiding the draft while calling them war criminals and doing everything he could to undermine their efforts. Now he wants to be their boss? Under the circumstances can he be an effective Commander in Chief?

We may think it is okay for a former conscientious objector and pacifist to be in charge of the American armed forces, but I don't think soldiers will be happy about it at all.

The Republicans would love to re-fight the fight over Vietnam in 2016. Bernie and the hippies against the 60,000 names on the wall. Retired generals will line up to make the ads.


My feelings too. I naturally have a soft spoken voice and I can't tell you how it irks me to hear men trying to shut me down when I have a passionate point to make.

P.S. If there is anything that would raise my decibel level it's sensible gun control.


My feelings too. I naturally have a soft spoken voice and I can't tell you how it irks me to hear men trying to shut me down when I have a passionate point to make.

P.S. If there is anything that would raise my decibel level it's sensible gun control.


There's no evidence any Vietnam vet was ever spat on by hippies. In fact there have been books written by researchers that investigated hundreds of reports and found they were stories from friends of friends and so on. It's usually impossible to prove a negative, but sociologists consider the stories urban legends.

Tom Benjamin

I didn't know that this had been declared an urban legend. Not that it matters much at this stage. Every Vietnam vet got a hostile homecoming even if they didn't.

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