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October 28, 2015


Peter G

They could do that of course. On the whole I would rather they do act as adults and do this deal. Yes it will provide some cover for Republicans by taking away one of their favorite non-issues from the public debate. But internally it is poisonous to them. In making a deal the Democrats will be doing exactly what any sane person would want them to do. I cast no aspersions on your sanity for your reasoning is not without merit. If you really want to drive the far right Republicans round the bend and sow dissension in their ranks then do the deal.

It is not necessary to force Ryan to fail on his first day in office as Speaker. His own caucus will provide him with endless opportunities to fail.

Anne J

Democrats may not mean to enable the republicans, but it is a nasty side effect of trying to govern the country, unfortunately.


The Republicans have already experienced the blowback from shutting down the government and aren't likely to do anything like it again. They're just obligated to sing and dance for the wingnuts. It's a dirty and demeaning job, but the GOP doesn't have anything more productive to do.

Peter G

H/t to Erick of Redstate for some fine advice to Republicans looking to do the most damage to their party and get the best bang for their buck:


If it were remotely possible that "headlines [would] scream: GOP FAILS AGAIN … GOP GOVT SHUTDOWN AGAIN A POSSIBILITY … GOP DEBT-CRISIS AGAIN ON THE TABLE.", I'd agree with you.

However, I don't think there would be any headlines to that effect, at least not in the good old USA. If Democrats were to make that case, our media would cover for the GOP and 'economic policy wonk' Paul Ryan.

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