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October 30, 2015


Peter G

Aww damn! But he was saving that for Hillary! You're right of course that his personal salvation as a candidate now rests on spending huge amounts of money assassinating other Republican candidates. The same logic applies essentially to all the other candidates too. To quote my favorite fictional anarcho-syndicalist, Dennis: Now we'll see the violence inherent in the system... Look everyone there's some lovely muck over here!

What hath man wrought? A system that allows every Ted, dick and Harriet to imagine themselves as president and to accrue almost unlimited amounts of cash that must first be used to annihilate each other in an orgasmic frenzy of musical electric chairs. I suspected this would happen but I'll be honest and admit that I did not suspect how useless these piles of cash would be in actually altering public perceptions. It's like an immunity has developed in the body politic, like insulin resistance, that requires ever larger doses of cash to achieve marginal gains. On top of this we have the undeniable truth that Nietzsche was wrong, what does not kill you only makes you weaker and easier to kill later.

Anne J

Marco Rubio is merely the fresh young face acting as the spokesmodel for the same old failed right wing policies.

Peter G

Pm's opening mob boss analogy is spot on. One has only to peruse a range of right wing web sites to deduce a common theme. To be labelled an establishment front runner is only slightly less toxic than an endorsement from Hillary Clinton.


In a way it's comforting to know that not only Democrats have a problem with wanting to keep their powder dry.


Top rate piece with lots of good links that will keep me busy for a while. Evidently you've recovered from the debate downer. If a future Republican debate really is moderated only by wingnuts, like some of the candidates are proposing, I'm going to take back my vow not to watch. Just when you'd think the R's couldn't retreat any farther up their own backsides ...

Brooks' assertion Rubio has no natural enemies anywhere in the party is spectacularly delusional. He's disappeared the Senate "Gang of 8" Marco belonged to that worked on bipartisan immigration reform while also choosing to ignore Trump and Carson's popularity based on xenophobia.

In related news, the first page of a Google News search for "Republican debate gold standard" brings up feature pieces in The New Republic,, Fortune, Reuters, Huffington Post, New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. Cruz got the attention he was looking for. In fairness the pieces say the idea is bonkers in so many words, but any knock is a boost. A story about Texas playing with the idea of establishing its own Fort Knox-like gold reserve also came up. Texas should make Glenn Beck State Treasurer.


As I said in the previous thread, David f'n Brooks never disappoints. Right on cue, he's up with a chin-stroking thought piece on Rubio's excellence as a candidate.

These people are so boring.

I'll now await the entry from Ron "Severe Dementia" Fournier, obliviously saying Rubio's a breath of fresh air and totally not scandal-prone compared to Hillary, because EMAILS. And Rubio's affable demeanor (GAG - but someone's going to say it) and interesting background can totally unite the country unlike that bad leader Obama who, Ron will note as is his custom, is a poopy head.

So predictable. So boring.

I sure do hope Team Jeb goes supernova on the rest of the field on their way out of the race. With all that money and all that pent-up Bush brand entitlement, we could probably see the resulting explosion from Mars.


Maybe S E Cupp would entertain you. Her approach is a little more inventive if self-cancelling. I'd enjoy reading your review.


Sippy Cupp is always good for a laugh, or at least a good eyeroll.

Her recipe for winning is winning! Brilliant!

I mean, she kinda makes a good point, indirectly. The GOP base wants their nominee, above anything and everything else, to be a huge, insufferable asshole. Preferably a bullying alpha-male type.

It's why Trump shot to the top of the polls and stayed there longer than any of the "serious people" ever expected. And while Carson is soft-spoken, what comes out of his mouth is pure, distilled, demented asshole.

It's why Gingrich briefly shot to the top of the polls after he spent entire debates insulting and bullying the moderators.

It's part of the reason they were so blindly loyal to the Bush Administration, even long after they'd proven themselves to be irredeemable fuckups. The braindead right finally bailed on them only when they lost that swinging-dick swaggering douchebag posture they'd had since 9/11. And boy, did they love it when they slandered decorated veteran John Kerry. They spent months reveling in that assholery.

It's what Romney had to do to win the respect of the GOP base - be blatantly contemptuous and disrespectful of Obama as loudly, falsely, and often as possible. He also scored points for being a dick to debate moderators.

It's why almost all of their most beloved media personalities are such awful, angry, ignorant (sometimes the ignorance is real, sometimes for show) people.

So it's not so much winning, as Sippy Cupp suggests, as being a fucking asshole, that the GOP base will get excited about. Winning is nice, of course, but best accomplished while being as much of an asshole as possible.


Just finished reading Jeb's Power Point presentation. I have to admit the argument isn't all that bad. It does have a laugh line, though:

"Race will remain fluid for some time because… voters have A.D.D."

Not short memories or changeable minds, but a clinical condition. The Bush campaign can't help being condescending even in a document they distributed to reporters. It's not exactly like saying 47% of voters are lazy bums, but it's close enough.


You do not disappoint, and I agree completely about the right's hunger for asshole. What struck me funny is that Cupp wants Rubio to bring more attention to his faults by denying them more loudly. As if the media wouldn't take that as a challenge. Evidently she misses the point that Trump and Carson are exploiting *others'* weaknesses.

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