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October 29, 2015


Peter G

I seriously doubt that he does realize the inconsistencies in his philosophy. But it is something he shares with most humans. As you note we all have our blind spots. The one and only thing that government ever does and has since its invention is redistribute wealth. People who rail against this redistribution don't generally object to it per se but to distributing it to anyone but themselves. Ryan is just one of those people who has managed to be highly successful at getting stuff distributed to him. Always has and probably always will. That is because is because he feels entitled to his entitlements. It's yours he has a problem with.


You have to love his first tweet as a speaker:

No more favors for the few. Opportunity for all—that is our motto. #SpeakerRyan
— Paul Ryan (@SpeakerRyan) October 29, 2015

Hypocrisy is his middle name!


If anyone would like to see the 14 minutes of forced humor and bonhomie it's at:

It's going to be fun to watch the freakdom caucus turn on him.


Biggest phony in politics.

On the bright side, one would think his inevitable resignation in disgrace and/or frustration in 2-3 years should probably end any hopes he still has of being a viable presidential candidate. Although the Village media has already gone to astonishing lengths to protect Ryan's reputation.

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