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October 26, 2015



Nail struck soundly upon its head, sir.

Anne J

William Daley gave Sarah Palin way more credit than she deserves. Her supply of crazy would not have been possible without an already existing demand. She was just the latest at the time in a long line of right wing crazy that I feel has always been with us, starting with the confederacy. Labels may have changed over the centuries, but they're still the same people. I remember earlier this year after the shooting at the Charleston, S.C. church when republican were talking out of both sides of their mouths about the confederate flag. They were at once defending it's "tradition" but also trying to vilify democrats for being the original carriers of the flag. It was today's republicans defending yesterdays democrats while at the same time trying to demonize today's democrats over the issue.

Peter G

Of all of the various flavors of History one can find you touch of my favorite, the History of Science. Well that and the least favored variety, the History of Mathematics. I have never been one of those people who were able to divorce an understanding of science or math from a physical context, a problem that needed to be solved. For some people pure number theory makes sense. Not me. If you would understand any science you would do worse than to study the history of that science. Only then can you truly appreciate the evolution of Evolution.

Peter G

On a completely different note (and to my delight) I think Joe Biden just slit Maureen Dowd's throat.


Possibly this is an answer to my earlier comment about the makings of the current Republican Party. Your point is well taken, and in fact from a psychological and neuroscience perspective conservatism has always been a mode of thought based on characteristics that make it less objective than liberal thinking. When Jost, et al released "Political Conservatism as Motivated Social Cognition" ( ) there were howls of protest from all the predictable quarters. At this point conservatives are howled out, but further research keeps adding to the evidence.

My counter would be that Goldwaterism and everything before, while certainly extreme or reactionary, didn't self-consciously build an apparatus that functioned like a PR firm to sell itself. That step has led to the most distinguishing characteristic of Republicans now: the parallel universe of knowledge they inhabit. Have you ever wondered why there's really nothing equivalent to Fox News or right wing talk radio?


The last words in the last sentence should have been "on the left?"


Well played, PM. It was a cynical stance on Daily's part. But where does one put a marker? Yours works for me, at least post-war: Tail-Gunner Joe. But then there'e Nixon. And Agnew. With all this nauseating hagiography for Poppy now, how about citing Lee Atwater? We all knew then the mold had been broken, and that we would be paying a high price for it for a long time. (In my view Bush 41 did more to degrade our culture than did Reagan, if only by a bit.) Then there's the most catastrophic presidency in our history. Why not include Dubya, Cheney, Rove and the rest of those war criminals, Bill? That started only 15 years ago, if you needed a newer marker.


Could you elaborate? Did I miss a news flash?

Peter G

Biden is publicly disavowing Dowd's report on his conversation with his dying son and denying that his son ever asked him to run. A little perspective is in order. Dowd is the reporter or rather conduit that the Dukakis campaign used to destroy Biden in '88 with the speech plagiarism accusations. I was surprised as hell that Biden would have used Dowd as a conduit for the story about his son's supposed dying wishes. Biden is essentially accusing Dowd of making it up. Which she probably did, Dowd being Dowd.

That a dying man's wishes, a son of a leading Democrat, would be that the presidency be kept out of the hands of Hillary Clinton rather than any of the Republican candidates seemed more than a little odd to me but people have made stranger requests. According to Joe, it was all a lie spun by Dowd. A well deserved shiv placed between her ribs as it were.


Thanks. Peter. "Dowd being Dowd" indeed: nothing but destructive. I'll never forgive her for her shamelessness in '00. Thanks also for that tidbit on '88. But it must be noted in '88 it wasn't hard to have destroyed Biden; Neil Kinnock's speech was there for the rest of us to see. For someone as smart as Biden what on Earth was he thinking? Someone would have dug it up sooner or later.

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