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October 30, 2015


Peter G

Yep. Republican primary voters. A self selecting group of profound ideological purity and equally profound ignorance. Bless their hearts. I cannot imagine how even a marginally electable Republican candidate is going to make it past these gate keepers.


Happy tidings indeed. One poll does not a future predict, but it's wonderful to imagine Dr. Woo (short for woo-woo) being the nominee. If elected Carson could sign legislation to hawk 'Nutriverus', the product made by Mannatech that he claimed his association with was all conspiracy talk. It is literally 21st century snake oil that scientists say the main effect of would be flatulence.

To quote Steely Dan:

Oo are you with me Dr. Woo
Are you really just a shadow of a man that I once knew
Are you crazy, are you high, are you just an ordinary guy
Have you done all you can do
Are you with me doctor, are you with me doctor

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