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October 25, 2015



And like Schrödinger's cat, it's dead and alive simultaneously. Which can only be determined by observation, which changes the result. It's truly a question of quantum entanglement, in that whenever the position of Faux Newz changes, the rest of the GOP immediately reflects that change, no matter how distant.

Peter G

I don't see much mystery here. On the Republican side they cock blocked themselves rather magnificently by selling the strategy that control of both houses would allow them to bring that Obama guy to heel. And then they achieved squat. Demonstrating to their more rabid base that they are exactly like every other self-serving Washngton captured Democrat. And the worst calumny they can visit on Trump is that he is just another politician. Just like their other candidates. What we are seeng is just frustration. And unfotunately they have no immediate or prospective cure. That anyone would throw out the idea of Romney as a party unifying alternative illustrates just how empty the medcinal cabinet has become.

Anne J

It is also perfectly illustrated by the leadership crisis in the house. They begged the detestable Paul Ryan to assume the speakership not because he's any good. They're just that terrible. There is nobody and they know it, so they figure get the most well known one that was Mitt Romney's running mate in the last election, living in denial that his policy proposals are not nearly as popular as they would like them to be, and you don't even have to shed much daylight on him to figure out what light weight empty suit he is. I find it interesting that they are looking to their two losers from last time to carry them to victory this time.


Stephen is spot on. The Republican party and conservatism both resemble Schrödinger's cat. Douthat's take is typical. He declares Rubio the front-runner then immediately points out "... Rubio is a very strange sort of front-runner. He has never led a national poll. He is not cleaning up endorsements, nor raking in the cash ..." Equally contradictory arguments can be made about any of the candidates.

Sununu and GHW Bush bring to mind a theory from economics called the "stupid grandson theory." Economist Joseph Schumpeter observed families typically go "three generations from overalls to overalls," or from generating considerable wealth to squandering it. US Senator Prescott Bush was the grandfather of Dubya and Jeb who, to be gracious, have not shown signs of genius. The theory might also hold true on another level. Considering a generation is 20 to 30 years, Barry Goldwater could be the grandfather of the current Republican Party conservatives. These are people that spawned a base that wants electability from a fringe fruitcake, and why would any of them be anything other than stupid?

Anne J

Just what is the difference between the establishment and the fringe fruitcakes anymore?


There have been media reports that moderates exist in the Republican wild, but if they show themselves they fear being primaried and so are very shy. Something like Sasquatches.

Peter G

I'm almost tempted to sympathize with them. So many years in the wilderness preaching that the Democrats did not know how to govern. So now they are in the pilots seat saying, remind me,what's this control lever do? And what's that stupid computer voice keep warning about? What does controlled flight into terrain even mean? I hadn't noticed the double attempted resurection but you are right about that.


Like others on here, I admit that I don't really see what the great mystery is. A Trump candidacy is precisely what this party has been grooming for decades. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind, etc., etc...


Exactly: Karma is a bitch. Trump is THEIR monster; they created him, 47 years or so of the fruits of their labor. And he may very well win the nomination. The winner is the guy who arrives at their convention with 51% of the delegates; it's really that simple. People who win primaries arrive with delegates. For what it's worth (and they have to nominate someone), only one guy's opinion: if it's not Trump then my money is actually on Rubio (Douthat's twisted prose notwithstanding).

Bob Puharic

The GOP is like a herd of jackals, ingesting inedible and vile things, regurgitating them, then moving on to the next disgusting sample. It will be interesting to see which bit of vomit they decide to make their candidate.

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