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October 27, 2015



I often refer to the teabaggers and their offshoots, like the House Freedumb Caucus, as "braindead" and various other unflattering things. I recant none of those statements. But even I give them more credit than to think they'll fall for the Zombie-Eyed Granny Starver's faux outrage over a budget deal he was no doubt aware of, at least, and probably had some role in negotiating.

The Weeping Orange is doing the Granny Starver a huge, or as Trump would say, YOOOOOGE, favor. And the Granny Starver damn well knows it. So do the braindead freaks he will soon lead. Sometimes I think the cynical claims that everything that happens in DC is a carefully choreographed "kabuki" are overstated and lazy substitutes for understanding the motivations of the players. But this little dance between Boner and Ryan is exactly that.


Does anyone really buy this? Especially the cynical and jaundiced talk radio crowd this sort of thing is supposed to placate must see through such transparent political theater right?

Paul Ryan has to absolutely LOVE that this is done before he takes the gavel AND with him not involved and able to cynically decry this horrible no good deal (that gets me what I want and makes this job 1000000x easier for me). How do I know he loves it? Because he'd have to be an idiot not to love it and, despite his recent decision to run for Speaker, I do agree with his friend that he is , for all his other faults, "not a fucking moron";amp

The only thing I'm confused about is as stated above: exactly who is this sort of thing really fooling? Ryan "blasted" Boehner on television and then promptly had aides send him a fruit basket.

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