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November 22, 2015



Duce Trump would already like to overthrow capitalism in favor of a bundle of plutocrats. There's nothing unexpected about him wanting to scapegoat an ethnicity to rile up his followers. At this point he's only a clown, but if he manages a huge march on Washington the way Mussolini did on Rome I'll be thinking about finding another country to live in.

Peter G

When even Breitbart's people fear Trump has said something over the top it is significant. But probably not the way rational people would perceive the significance. Does Breitbart believe Trump's remarks and stated policy will harm his support on the right? Nope. If anything it will solidify his core support. The fear is palpable on the right. Trump does not know how to dog whistle. Everybody can hear him loud and clear. I cannot imagine who they hope to convince that Trump did not say what he said. Certainly it cannot be many on the right. Do they imagine they will convince us?

Neon Vincent knows all about selectively editing video to make a political adversary look bad, so I'm not surprised the site's writers are projecting that all over people they don't like. My experience has shown that projection is the Right's favorite defense mechanism.


Your psychologist wife would also probably tell you that one reason projection works so well to propagandize conservatives is that they're more often authoritarians who need closure, a trait that’s linked to biased reasoning and belief affirmation. They're prone to believe arguments that the bad characteristics inherent to an argument are those of their opponents. This fits with the interesting DARVO theory. Conservatives are also more likely to assume other people think the way they do to avoid complexity.

Neon Vincent

That's exactly what she says. Also, thanks for actually reading the entry at the link before commenting!

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