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November 30, 2015


Peter G

I believe the original account as well. There isn't a single Republican candidate who understands what the Republican Money requires of them. That includes Trump of course but it also includes those candidates who believe that having the government default on its debts is actually a good idea. Which seems to be all of them. And it is why I think they will be the first to jump ship should the worst befall. If you cannot control a politician in the campaign you can't control them once elected.

They know. And they must be asking themselves what must befall if they had both houses and the executive office. The politicians might actually try to carry out their agendas. That would be disastrous for business.


I'm with you and Peter G. Assuming there are sane Republicans among the elite they would have to know the best way to wreck their party, possibly for good, would be to nominate Trump.

Getting rid of whom forms would be eminently sensible. I still celebrate the victory of singular they forms. When I was in school there were all sorts of awful solutions like "s/he."

Peter G

Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead! Hey gang guess what? A concerted effort to reanimate the Christie campaign is happening. It began a couple days ago with the breathless game changing news that Christie had earned the endorsement of the Manchester Union leader. The editor of that august journal, so perfectly described by Hunter Thompson, is making the rounds with Christie making the case for not even thinking about examining the fiscal state of New Jersey. This is just politics of course but the deal seems fair. Christie got the endorsement of the Union Leader and the Union Leader got their parking lot back.


More fun for us. The paper has endorsed lots of other losers in the past, but there's a popular idea out there the endorsement is about getting a mouth as big as Trump's to bring Trump down. This is magical thinking. Trump will kill him on the NJ economy and "bridge-gate" and the Trumpian schoolyard digs write themselves.

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