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November 23, 2015


Peter G

So you think reversion to the meany will ultimately take place? That is the least likely loser will become the Republican candidate. Who will surge forward to become the next McCain or the next Romney? That is a capital question, who sucks least? Standby Mitt, your party may call.

Peter G

Cause for hope: Vitter lost and Edwards won and he did so in a state where no democrat has won a major elected office in quite a while. Landrieu was the last. I'm not sure why the Republicans would have thought it wise to offer as their candidate a man whose chief quality seems to be that he is Dependable. Perhaps they thought appealing to a base which uses Depends quite a lot made sense. But, like marijuana, apparently they felt recreational use was wrong.


It should be pointed out that these items contradict your assumption that Trump has no chance. The media have been calling him out lately, but they've been failing in other areas that stoke fear. Michael Tomasky points out they've been beating the war drums:

"That was a disgraceful question from CNN’s Jim Acosta about why can’t we take out “these bastards.” Who is he, William Randolph Hearst? And then the next questioner, Ron Allen of NBC, asked Obama if he “understand(s) this enemy well enough to protect the homeland.” It was about the third or fourth question along those lines."

P.M. Carpenter

I was waiting for that. Actually, they confirm rather than contradict. Pew found the same "distrust-of-govt" crap not long before Obama's reelection.


Well played, sir. I'd still argue that overall conditions are different than in the past. In 2010 the public really was war-weary, now polls show that isn't clearly true. The fear of terrorists is higher. The economy is somewhat better, but "partisan-based backlash" seems worse judging by the rhetoric being tossed around; even by establishment candidate Jeb.

To be clear I'm not anticipating the worst, it's just hard for a literal-minded guy to dismiss future outcomes. We'd probably all be interested in your more detailed opinion of whether or how history repeats itself.

Peter G

Sorry Bob. I was too late. In the immortal words of the appropriately named Admiral Ackbar: It's a trap! Distrust of government does not automatically imply trust of assholes. There's a link to be sure but not enough to help Trump.


That was kind of my point. Trust in government is only one factor, but I can't see how low trust helps Democrats who insist government can solve problems. Please give me more credit than to fall for a false dilemma.

Peter G

You have all the credit with me you could desire. Sorry if my brief comment led you to believe I thought you were falling for the Manichean choice. It really isn't as simple as that. But it does demand more knowledge than a simple poll on whether you trust the government or not. Equally important is why. Trust is merely an expectation of behaviour. Progressives do not trust the government, even a Democratic party controlled government, to behave in a manner consistent with their beliefs. They do trust them more than the Republicans. The reverse used to be true of the Republican hard conservatives. Not anymore.


Well put and the feeling's mutual, thank you. By most definitions I'm a solid liberal and trust government in general. I just trust it a lot less when Republicans are in charge. At this point they're almost exclusively conservatives and the conservative mindset is incompetent for governing.

Peter G

I think government is the greatest of all human inventions. Even if it is a bit like nuclear fission.

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