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December 21, 2015


Anne J

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go!

Peter G

In 1985 I worked on building a structure you might have heard of, the Skydome, in Toronto. It was the first structure to have a retractable roof which many competing engineering firms asserted could not work. But that was only one of the many engineering innovations in that structure. Designed as an event structure it was the first and one of the very few such buildings to have a correct ratio of women's washrooms to men's. And that ratio is between three and four to one. The reason has long been obvious, women require stalls, troughs won't do and the time required to do what my French Canadian grandmother called "your business" is longer for zippers where they would be needed aren't there.

To this day most structures are deficient in proper accommodations because codes do not require it and plumbing is both expensive and takes up room that doesn't earn revenue. Add this grievance to the many that women endure.

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