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December 28, 2015


Carson is using his presidential run as a book and self promotion tour modeled after Newt Gingrich's 2012 act. He'll make a pile of money and himself an even bigger star to the religious right. He's as serious as a hat full of assholes.

I think Carson is one of those people for whom perseverance in a limited field is mistaken for brilliance. They used to call such people overachievers which always begged the question about how one could achieve more than one was capable achieving. Perhaps a better term would have been a maximal achiever. My belief based on listening to him speak is that Carson is not particularly bright. He certainly could not be called informed, neither could he be characterized as a quick study. He worked hard no doubt to achieve some proficiency and manual dexterity as a surgeon. Good for him. But he is not bright. He doesn't know shit and clearly does not really suspect shit when it comes to anything beyond his very limited field of study. Not a polymath. The longer he speaks the more apparent this becomes. When you make clear that your claim to brilliance is hot air, and that's all you've got,down to your poll numbers.

I agree. He's a world-class Gingrich-esque grifter. Gingrich never intended to win in 2012, just as Carson doesn't now. It's all about shearing the sheep.

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