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December 30, 2015


I confess that I remain uncertain about Trump. I don't know if he personally believes anything longer than the moment it takes for him to use it to his advantage. The distinction may seem unimportant but I think Trump is no ordinary demagogue. He does not ,as your example Curley would, just peddle what he thinks you want to hear. I think it is the other way around. Trump believes what his followers tell Him he should believe. I detect no smirk in Trump's delivery. Trump and his supporters are in a kind of hall of mirrors endlessly reflecting each other. Which makes Trump especially dangerous in the extremely unlikely event that he should be elected. That's not going to happen to be sure but I doubt there is anything Trump would not attempt to do in the name of popularity. And his ears are tuned only to that which feeds his ego. You could, if you had access and decent flattery skills, get Trump to do just about anything.

He reveals his knowingness every time he says something like he gets along great with "the blacks" or the Bible is his second favorite book. You're bound to be disappointed if you're waiting for him to plainly state what stupid, lowly creatures he thinks his followers are - though he could probably get away with it. They'd all think he was talking about everyone except themselves.

I always picture Limbaugh laughing his ass off during commercials

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