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December 28, 2015


Stephen Colbert used to play the part of a right wing tv pundit by mocking right wing tv pundits. Maybe Trump is playing right wing presidential candidate to mock real right wing presidential candidates? Everything they say is so much worse than anything he says, but the media doesn't pay attention to them. Is he a distraction they have created?

Donald Trump;s campaign slogan is "Make America Great Again". I would like someone to ask him or one of his supporters when was the last time they thought America was great and why. After all, doesn't the word "again" imply that they thought it was great once? All I want to know is when was that time for them? I wonder if they would all give the same answer?

My guess would be sometime prior to the Missouri Compromise--if they remember enough of U.S. history, that is. After all, today's GOP doesn't believe in compromise.

The sweet spot for wingnuts was the Reagan administration; before GHW Bush's tax pledge, NAFTA and CAFTA, the Iraq War, the Great Recession, having a Kenyan socialist tricking the country into making him president and marriage equality. They ignored Iran-Contra and never caught on that "getting government out of the way" meant giving international plutocrats and corporations control over their lives.

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