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December 30, 2015


Quick. Somebody get the man a white Bronco...

You mean cable news provides the news that 'The People' - dread words! - actually want to see. Obviously they are all in need of re-education!

Don't know much about cable news do you David? Even the celebrated Fox News gets an average of less than 2 million viewers on average during prime time. Of those they averaged 339000 viewers in the 25 to 54 age group. Which happens to be the only one that matters to advertisers. This in a nation of three hundred plus million.

For a lot of cable disinfotainment viewers the "re-" doesn't apply.

To bad you don't get Al Jazeera. They have real news.

At least it's available on the web, at

I live in Southern California, and I don't know what was on in the rest of the country twenty years ago, but the OJ trial was dominating our local stations. There was nothing to watch on tv when "the Juice" was in court.

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