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January 27, 2016


Peter G

Everything you wanted not know about sex.. but not Sleeper. Otherwise perfect in every way.

Anne J

I think a giant boob works fine for an analogy.

Peter G

Don't you love the perfection of watching the Republicans argue about whose job it was to take down Trump and when? I still have difficulty understanding how they expected to do that. The tenor of their internal argument is who should have spent money and when to take down Trump on the explicit theory that they needed to make Trump supporters think twice before they became committed to Trump. Yet Trumpers are almost uniformly people who never bothered to think once about anything. The Republicans have never asked their supporters to think. They ask them to believe.

Anne J

Jeb(!) thought he had it all locked up. Just outspend all of your opponents and the nomination is yours, is how the thinking in Jeb(!) world went. Donald Trump is a curveball that the GOP didn't see coming but should have. I don't think they ever imagined their own vitriol coming back to bite them.

Peter G

I think they were running on automatic pilot. The party, and I don't just mean the establishment types, but the whole apparatus judged what would happen by the 2012 and 2008 elections. I did too. My gut feeling last year was that the Republicans would settle on the least likely loser for their candidate. They spent some money attacking each other of course but they were more or less content to let the obvious flaws in the Santorums and Huckabees and Cains and such winnow themselves out of the game by the simple expedient of letting their money run out. But the torch and pitchfork wing of the party has had enough of this least likely loser crap. I honestly don't think they care if they win or not. They just want The Hulk to get angry and smash stuff. If that is the case then there is no argument you can make that will change their minds and never was.


"Don't you love the perfection of watching the Republicans argue about whose job it was to take down Trump and when?"

A bit of ironic role reversal going on here. In 2012 the anti-establishment GOP voters couldn't decide on a single not-Romney until it was too late. Trump probably would have made the same splash then if he had run.


Great column, pm. Laughed, chuckled, chortled and guffawed.
Not sure I agree with your last sentence. More and more, I'm viewing this election as the clash between the angry white men (left and right) and the rest of us be damned,i.e., ignored.


Yes, it was giant chickens and carrots
in Sleeper!


It's precious the R's still think money could save them. What faith.

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