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January 27, 2016


Anne J

The most gruesome example of GOP unsupervised populism I can think of is the republican war on womens' reproductive health. When two anti-abortion activists made a "sting video" of what appeared to be a Planned Parenthood employee negotiating the sale of fetal body parts. Of course the video was debunked straight away as heavily edited and completely false but the damage has been done and the republican party kept up the lie. This lead to them hauling Cecile Richards in front of congress for a Benghaziesque grilling and a shooter to kill people at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado shouting "NO MORE BABY PARTS" as he was being taken into custody. And still the republicans kept up the lie. And even now, after the makers of the video are facing indictments themselves, the republicans still keep up the lie. Chris Hays played a whole montage of republicans lying about the video and Planned Parenthood. Absent from that montage was Donald Trump. This was just my way of showing what the results of one example of unsupervised populism and culture war mongering by the GOP and what it can lead to. The sooner this vile party implodes, the better.

Peter  G

I almost feel sorry for those assholes. Almost. They can't really negotiate can they? They can't offer the slightest hint on an incentive for Trump to participate in this debate for if they do Trump wins and declares victory before the thing has even happened. Have we not all long expected that the Republican party would go boom? But I defy anyone to tell me they thought that the man who would do it would achieve it by triumphantly declaring his superiority in making deals. To make a deal is to win! Who would have thought that? Thirty years of preaching the nobitity and moral superiority of uncompromising rigidity undone by Monty Hall.

Allow me one prediction, even if Trump does not attend his minions certainly will. Which will make for interesting viewing any way you look at it. This will be the first time they can gang up on Trump without risking getting Trumped instantly on live TV. Will they take it? Or will the fight for second place be the stronger pull? Exciting stuff!

Anne J

I figure he will be tweeting the whole time even if he is doing an event. They may gang up on him when he's not there, but he'll get his revenge via twitter feed and phoning into the morning shows. (Just a guess).

Peter G

A good guess too. If he does not attend I certainly intend to monitor his twitter feed. As will every political junkie in the US I imagine. What rare pearls of wisdom we might expect no man knows.

Anne J

I admit that I admire his ability to do so well in the polls, while spending next to nothing on advertising. But I think it only works for him, because it is him. I doubt that Jeb Bush would have the same luck doing the same thing.

The Dark Avenge

"The junk merchant doesn't sell his product to the consumer, he sells the consumer to his product. He does not improve and simplify his merchandise. He degrades and simplifies the client."

William S. Burroughs


My favorite part of this train wreck are the wingnuts threatening to boycott Fox News.


The Republicans are mad, but not in the Howard Beale sense.

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