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January 26, 2016


Peter G

I've been waiting for the other Gucci loafer to drop fro some time now. Donald's been selling his skill as a deal maker from day one of his campaign. At the same time as he has been selling the idea that the deals he will make will be magnificent impositions of his will on Mexico and China and Russia and well, everybody. But really, no matter what the deal is that you envision, you have to deal with somebody. So lately Donald has even been making noises about making deals with Democrats. The public by and large likes that and every politician sells the idea that bringing people together is what they will do. He certainly can't do that without first making a deal with the Republican establishment. He will completely by-pass the Cruz shtick that dealing is betrayal by the simple expedient of declaring victory. Trump won and the major albatross that Cruz carries even within his own party, his inability to get along with anybody, will become a millstone. Trump is very good at spotting and exploiting weaknesses in his opponents


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Republican establishment:

Anne J

If only they were that dignified.

Anne J

How much republican vulgar recklessness did the GOP establishment sit back and watch or in some cases even encourage from the tea party the last eight years. They weren't prepared now, because they thought it would never turn itself back on them.

Peter G

I envisioned something along what one might see in the primate house of a zoo but the tuxedos add a certain establishment touch.


And one of the guests is a senator.

Peter G

The NYT piece is quite interesting. I remember thinking when all the angst about Citizen's United was flying about and prognostications about how it spelt the end of Democracy and how it delivered it to Oligarchy never heard of primary season.
I suspected then that all that money would do more harm than good but mostly harm to the people who had the most to spend. But it was mere suspicion.

I discounted CU mostly because I felt that the anxious did not understand something quite obvious. They tend to view things like business interests as being monolithic. The truth is that such interests spend more time fighting and slanging each other than they do finding common ground. The fast food industry may oppose a federal minimum wage increase but Walmart likes those. About a third of their customer base make only minimum wage. This is true of all the factions that gather under party umbrellas. Their interests and needs often compete and I thought that a lot of this money would simply cancel each other.

Once you saw the beginnings of this election and saw what happened last election then it became clear. Citizen's United may the the greatest gift the Supreme court could have given the Democratic Party. All that money, mostly on the right, pretty much guaranteed a huge field of Republican candidates and it gave them a longevity most shouldn't have had. No one could have foreseen Trump but the rest was eminently foreseeable.

So now we do have Trump as deus ex machina, endlessly goading what should have been a Mexican standoff into that circular firing squad. All that money used primarily to provide whoever the Democratic candidate turned out to be with useful soundbites against whoever the Republican candidate turned out to be. The ad writes itself. Don't take my word for how badly the Republican nominee sucks, says the Democrat, listen to the words of all these eminent Republicans, the cream of their crop, their deep deep bench and why they think he sucks too.

The ultimate irony has to be that the flood of Superpac money came just when it would be most useless. All that money spent on ads and none of it has changed anything. On the right the person who has the most has spent the least and dominates in the polls.

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