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February 29, 2016


Peter G

I confess that at one time the hard Trump ceiling was something I thought might be real. No longer do I believe this. The momentum rule is just as likely to apply to Trump as any other candidate. In the meantime I plan on enjoying every minute of the Republicans tearing their likely nominee as many new assholes as his orange hide can handle.

Here is something to think about though. The Senate sauve qui peut has been issued and that by the professional Republican political class. They are going to go after Trump and do so in the obvious way. They are going to accuse him of being a secret lefty and cite very specific policies that do have appeal on the left like trade protectionism or promises of better health care. There is no reason to believe these arguments will not resonate with some on the left. And maybe enough to save their own hides. That`s how I`d do it.

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